“Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to stay human.” Michael Franti

Having a beautiful balance of flexibility and strength takes practice. Tuning deep into our own sensations and releasing pressure to have to get somewhere is truly a gift and starting with where we truly are is fundamental.

How this works on the mat:

When you feel something to be hard…

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Let’s take the practice of Flexibility and Strength off the mat today.

Reflect for a moment in your life situations from the lens of “bending over backwards”, being too flexible, or what people may call “controlling”, being firm.

When you identify where these moments are, you discover what’s working or…

There was a moment where we opened our computers and started to belly laugh. The stream of conversation was flowing and tears were rolling down our faces. We were joyous, laughing, and all of a sudden — very productive! Do you remember a time at work when you were lit…

Photo: Ben Owens Photography

At an early age I realized I had the choice to listen to others opinions or forge my way through life listening to what’s most important to ME. I realized that I had the ability to be laser focused on one goal, to move through challenges gracefully and to dream…

October 8, 2021

Written By Cecily Elmas

Photo: Ben Owens Photography

Is it challenging for you when the seasons change, when you come home from work, or after traveling and not sure why?

Let me start with a story. There I was, a new mom of 2 babies, my maternity leave was almost up and I was ready to go back to work as the Head of Training for Ivivva. This came with its own set…

Cecily Elmas

Cecily is the COO of The Corker Collective, a bold facilitator and a heart-centered leader. She has recently published a Journal called Journey Inward.

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