Life is too good to quit

Cecily Elmas
2 min readNov 6, 2022

Lately I’ve graciously accepted to take on more responsibilities: host family gatherings, teach classes for large and small groups, lead a team on the Board for the International Coaching Federation among others. Each of these choices has a great impact on my current life and will have a lasting impact on the future. Reflecting on these choices I’ve been aware that I’m stepping into a place where in the past I may have said, “It’s too much,” and quit. Instead, I have swallowed my pride and let my ego know we’re okay and tell the truth. It sounded like, “Please forgive me for my absence. I’m here and possibly need to have a conversation about how much I can offer,” or, “I need to take a moment and discover what this means to me before I say yes.” I’m not sure if you’ve had these moments, where you’re swept up in something and are so deep that you don’t pause to ask, “Is this still working,” or, “How can I show up powerfully as me?”

If you’re swept in the whirlwind which can be life, I’m sending you a pause button. The button to give yourself a moment to breathe; to ask yourself what you’re doing and why you’re doing it; to be your most real self in each moment. We need to find our purpose in everything we do. The why behind our actions creates our language, our requests, our yes’s and our no’s.

Here are some reminders on how to press pause.

  1. Get off autopilot. Start your morning with activities that bring you into the present moment. You’ve heard this before, meditate! Now this doesn’t need to be sitting infront of an alter in silence. You can put your sneakers on and go for a walk, be with your thoughts in some way where you can tune in and listen.
  2. Slow down. Notice where you automatically say “yes”, and perhaps you mean no. What can you say “not now” or “let me think about that” more in your day?
  3. Be Intentional. Have everything and every action be intentional. Bring in mindfulness instead of the autopilot way of being to your actions. How? Focus on mono-tasking, one things at a time.

I’ll let you know that living this way, with pure intentions is way more fun and important than living on autopilot and counting the time down to get out of one thing to go to the next. Where you show up one way is where you show up every way.

Let’s not quietly live our lives waiting for time to pass. Let’s awaken and be so alive in everything we do that it’s contagious.

With Peace,



Cecily Elmas

Cecily is the COO of The Corker Collective, a bold facilitator and a heart-centered leader. She has recently published a Journal called Journey Inward.