The Art of Connecting to your Choices.

Cecily Elmas
3 min readJun 7, 2023


At some point in our lives we look around and realize that everything was designed by us. We are the creators of our daily interactions, the choices we make, our jobs, and the people we spend time with. The act of choosing is where our power lies. When we reach out to a coach, it can feel like we’re at our end — we feel completely stuck and disconnected from our life that we go into an autopilot way of operating avoiding what is coming next.

Now imagine every moment, every choice, every interaction you choose to have had the power of CHOICE behind it. Meaning: I choose to talk to my boss about the role I’m in; I choose to talk to the client to improve our working relationship; I choose to tell my partner that I am struggling with x, y and z. These are all self-led choices that put us back in our power because the thoughts, decisions and actions all come from YOU!

Have you ever seen a kid cry big tears with big emotions? They most likely have NO choice which is why their entire body is crying out: Why!! They just wanted another ice cream or to stay at the park all day, is that so much to ask?? Now consider that the child is an adult and their boss is telling them they can’t work on the project they really are inspired by or they’re not getting that raise or promotion they worked years toward receiving. When we don’t have a choice, someone is telling us what to do, we feel trapped. How we respond to that is truly unique and lives in our stored past memories.

I was speaking to a client about trapped emotions and how we get through projects today is from a past based habit that has always worked for us until we realize something needs to change and it needs to change now.

To restore choice:

  1. Say to yourself, “I CHOOSE”. No matter what the work or task is, if you have to do something and have committed to it, stepping into your choice puts you back into a place of power versus a complaint that you “have to”. Reminding yourself, before you make decisions, you have a choice. If you ever catch yourself saying “I have no choice” perhaps it is time to reconsider where you are at in your life and where is it time to make a new choice?
  2. Everyone has free-will. We cannot change anyone. We do not enter relationships saying “they’re okay and I will change that about them”. Nope! Give everyone free-will to be themselves and this will allow you to notice when someone is taking your free-will away. Practice what you preach.
  3. Choices come in three! Sometimes it can be challenging to choose this or that. That may be more of a decision (this or that). When you want to make choices in your life you have three options. Let’s say you are not enjoying your current job: do you stay or go? This is called a decision. Through coaching, we find a new perspective, a new option to see that there is always a third option or fourth or fifth to then choose from. The third option here could be: a) stay in my job and not love it b) leave my job c) co-create a new role with my boss that keeps my strengths in mind so I can enjoy coming to work daily. There is always another option. We need to be open and willing to explore what they are.

Our offerings have been upgraded and there are choices available to support you in your choices!

Always in your court,

Cec + Team Corker Coaches



Cecily Elmas

Cecily is the COO of The Corker Collective, a bold facilitator and a heart-centered leader. She has recently published a Journal called Journey Inward.