What do you desire in a Company Culture?

What do we want in a company culture:
+ to be and feel trusted
+ to be 100% yourself and feel a sense of belonging
+ to do work that makes a difference, because: purpose gives us meaning

“To achieve the desired culture, everyone must have a clear, consistent, common understanding of it — and everyone must work together in a deliberate and coordinated effort to cultivate it. While each person or group is accountable in their own way, everyone shares accountability for achieving the desired culture.”

— Denise Lee Yohn, Harvard Business Review

There has been a shift in the way we think about how we spend our time. Perhaps it was a major lockdown or a disruption in the typical habits that were formed and the glorious happenstance that propelled us into living a meaningful life. There is a craving to step into our days filled with purpose and a company that honours our ‘AND’.

Living a life filled with purpose and connection is what gives us inspiration and helps us get up once we’ve fallen. (It also is what majorly confuses us when we don’t know what it is!) When we are grounded in our own purpose and sense of self, we have greater capacity to contribute to company culture.

One of my favourite ways to spend my time is helping humans get so clear on their greatest contributions so that collectively we may find meaning in our work and joy in the simple moments.

Here for the journey,


I led a workshop for the TurF community to explore creating your Vision and Goals with my journal, Journey Inward. In times of uncertainty, it can be paralyzing to dance the line of uncertainty.

What helps me are these steps:

1. Name the emotion which brings a realness to how I’m feeling without hiding it
2. Ask the question: what’s important and what’s needed?
3. Step into the unknown from possibility and not fear-based thoughts
4. Play(!!) and try new things, new thoughts and create new patterns
5. As Seth Godin says “Innovation is about failing again and again and again”

Doing things differently is an opportunity to grow, add in new perspectives and try new things that you wouldn’t have considered before.

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  1. Consider: Waking up every morning and you’re living the life you want to live. Create the environment you want to be in now, create the future for yourself in this present moment.

2. Question: What would it take for you to create change?


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Cecily is the COO of The Corker Collective, a bold facilitator and a heart-centered leader. She has recently published a Journal called Journey Inward.