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3 min readApr 20, 2023


Do you limit yourself in your life from true happiness? The way we think, each word, feeling and thought has the unlimited potential to do exactly what you say. Think about the first thing you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning? Does it sound something like: “I’m tired”. If that’s the case, guess what, who you are is what you say you are. Not in the playground kind of way however, there is truth to that.

What you say creates the reality you live in. If you look around your life, at your relationships and your peers, they are only repeating back what you’ve created for yourself. Let’s use the image of a painter, your canvas starts blank, you create the image, the visuals, the lines, the dimensions. Consider your life right now: what have you created, like the artist painting on a canvas? If you don’t like it, how will you paint over it?

Let’s look at how to paint over it. Recently people have said “easier said than done”. It’s true. Making real change takes work and can feel refreshing when you have that moment of inspiration, but how do you keep up that momentum the next day? How do you actually go through with quitting, asking for a raise, telling your support group you need more help or achieving the hard goals?

Try this on:

  1. Get really clear with what you are wanting to paint over. What is the change that must happen in your life? It’s time. Write that down now or close your eyes and see it clearly.
  2. Try it on. Start speaking as if it’s happened. Making this a reality and seeing that it has already happened will move you magically into the place you want to be and ease up the tension of the shifts.
  3. Don’t look back. When you want to change something, honour yourself for the time you spent doing the thing that no longer serves your life or your vision and then — take little, incremental steps to making that change.
  4. Trust yourself that you know how to do this. You know how to move forward and always remind yourself it is possible. The other way to say this is: keep the doubt out.

Let’s use an example to land these steps:

You know you need to spend your days differently — you could be quitting your current job and looking for a new one.

  1. Get clear on what you want in your life: the type of work, the hours, the pay, etc. (If you haven’t read The Now What book, this will help you get very clear and land that new gig!)
  2. Try on saying what you want to happen as if it’s already happened: “I am working for ___, x hours a week and being paid $ _____ by <date>.
  3. This is happening! Don’t look back at how you can stay with what you’re doing for more time than necessary. Speak into your wants, your desires, and your goals vs. what you don’t want.
  4. Daily reminders: What I want is happening. This is possible. I am 100% capable to do what I want to do no matter how hard this feels.

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Cecily Elmas

Cecily is the COO of The Corker Collective, a bold facilitator and a heart-centered leader. She has recently published a Journal called Journey Inward.